Solor System In Pakistan

Fortunately, Pakistan is among those countries in which sun warms the surface throughout the year and therefore has a strong potential for solar power generation. Pakistan’s contribution to global emissions is less than 1% while it is among the most vulnerable countries facing threat of climate change, a problem which can be evaded through reliance on solar energy projects.


To make clean energy universally available by building a distributed and intelligent solar and energy storage grid, managed via the Internet, across the world.

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Residential Solar Solutions

Khan Generators provides Reliable Solar Solutions to address your energy needs with state-of-the-art Tier-I Solar Panels, world-class inverters, top class workmanship with a professional, courteous, and highly skilled team.

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Commercial Solar Solutions

Khan Generators provides you the most advanced solar solution to reduce the cost of energy that makes you more competitive in the market, low-cost solution with high and quick rates of return on investment.

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Industrial Solar Solutions

Khan Generators is committed to providing the latest and cost-efficient energy solution for the sustainable growth of Industries in Pakistan.

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Agricultural Solar Solutions

Uninterpreted, Independent and Environment-friendly energy solution to meet Agricultural energy needs in the most cost-effective manner.

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